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My ex G/F family loves me , she is going out with her ex B/F and her family hates the guy.i want her back!!!?

we broke up 4 weeks ago ... my ex G/F family loves me the mom, dad, sisters,uncles, aunts, grama, grampa, even her brother is my bestfriend.... and she went back with her ex B/F DAVID and her family hates the guy to death ... her aunts and uncles say '; why did yoU brake up with him hes cuter, better, funnyer, and has the brains then your EX B/F david whos a drop out and a drug delar and the guy treats her like **** ..and her family tells her to brake up with her ex b/f david and to come back with me... and her family always tell her stuf.. to comeback with me... the ex B/F dosent speak a word to her family not even a hi or anything..

i still talk to her brother, aunts, uncles, and her mom and dad everyday or other day.. ..her and her ex boyfriend david have been going out for 2 weeks.... i talk to her once in a while but thats her dad invited me to PIZZA HUT but no her ex boyfriend..

do i give it time???

how can i get her back??

do i invite her to places with her brother???

i love her alot , i want her back.... help plzzzz...

My ex G/F family loves me , she is going out with her ex B/F and her family hates the guy.i want her back!!!?
If you want her back you go get her back!My ex G/F family loves me , she is going out with her ex B/F and her family hates the guy.i want her back!!!?
if he is all thi bad stuff and she stays with him shell just pay the price but you can try to take her out of the black hole.

How did u broke up,anyway? no point in her family loving u when she doesn't..
Well, when it comes down to it, the family's opinion doesn't mean ****. Sorry, but it's her opinion that matters (obviously). Trying to get to her through her family is probably just going to appear incredibly pathetic %26amp; weaselly to her since it's sort of a form of emotional blackmail.

I think that you should talk to her once more. Tell her how much you care for her, how stable you are, %26amp; that you could do so much more for her than her ex. Whatever you do, don't sling a lot of mud at her boyfriend. All that's going to do is p*ss her off %26amp; cause her to not listen to you. I really get the impression that this is futile since it's been 4 weeks %26amp; she hasn't come back to you or given you anything to show that she still wants to be with you. Like I said, what her family thinks doesn't mean **** since she's going out *AGAIN* with someone that her family hates. Just b/c they like you doesn't mean that she will.

In the end, if she doesn't take you back, you need to just move on. I know it's painful, but you can't force another person's emotions. If she doesn't love you enough, she doesn't love you enough. The more you try to make her love you (by going through her parents, ect), the more you will push her away from you. If she does end up saying no, accept it %26amp; tell her that you will always be a friend to her if she needs one. Don't push yourself on her as a friend, but let her know that you are just a phone call away. Make it her choice to call you, not you calling her.

Also, stop hanging out with the family. That's just drawing your pain out %26amp; to be honest, you are really just using them right now. I'm not saying that you aren't friends, but right now you're using them as a way to try to brainwash your ex girlfriend into going back out with you. They deserve better than that %26amp; so do you.
Some women who think the guy she is going out with is too perfect, tends to be more attracted to the bad boy. It's not logical of course, it's an emotional thing. A gal who I worked with had a relationship with a guy who spent 9 months in jail, he also was a drug dealer, she did drugs also...The guy came to work after he got out of jail, almost every day to see her...She talk to her on the phone and she was almost late for work many times. Finally she just walked out and quit work. Apparently still with the guy, who going to help destroy her future if she doesn't leave him.

I would go after her, I would send flowers, love notes, anything it would take to win her back...If you truly love her and want her back, go for it...Don't let that looser win!

Please advise me something but be kind please?

a confusion occured within my mind

i sat in my bed with confusion in my head

theres no doubt i can't seem to forget.

i don't know if i leave this person i will

be making the wrong desition or the correct,

but i do know that is just my feelings i am trying to protect.

i been hurt so many times i been trying so very hard to do things right

but does it that really matter anymore. i don't know and i grab my pillow so tight

because this had never accourd to me before.

that i didn't know what i wanted

i was never confused about what was that i wanted.

now like everybody else i seem to be confused in this bad situation

i just didn't think it would be with you and in this very occation.

we were two strangers then two friends, became apart then together again.

you called me once my one year and something relationship was done with

and now its you i end up with.....

now your my x only because i couldn't seem to get over my past

but i wasnt really ready and we took this all to fast.

first your stranger than my friend,third a past, next my boyfriend, now my x,

and this is how the story ends.

now we won't be talking to eachother anymore

i just think i should of though about this before.

i shouldn't or ever ever gone out with you

but instead i though it would work out because i usto get along with you.

your are nothing to my satisfaction

nothing much but another distraction

i mistube not only with you now but

with my x boyfriend too because when he finds out it will be braking his heart too.

i know who i love and i know who i care about sorry to say but

its not about being fare about , you are the one i care about.Please advise me something but be kind please?
what do you want advice about?

My life is a mess what do i do!?

So I started off this year with my usual friends, but lately I don’t know what to do. My friend Becca is a complete and total ***** and she always finds one way or another to be mad at me. And I used to be like her best friend but then when she became best friends again with my friend Renee then she totally dumped me. 2 weeks ago I’m on aim and I ask her if she wants to hang out and she goes “um how about no, peace out” and she hasn’t talked to me since! I don’t know what to do I’m stressing like crazy! I have so far managed to pretend not to care but it’s hard. I finally was starting to have pick up the pieces when today I’m texting my friend Renee and all of a sudden she starts talking like Becca using terms like “fer sure” or “rad” and “yer mom” and she doesn’t talk like that so I’m like why are you acting like a ***** to me? And she goes because I can, and I’m like well I’m going to go bye and she’s whatever bye. Now I’m really confused I wish I could find a crowd that wasn’t the school bitches. I’m trying to get into a different group of friends but its hard I think my problem is I’m more mature then the kids in my grade and it sucks. I’m so lost and confused and I’m not sure of anything anymore, I have like no friends in my school and I so desperately want to switch schools but I can’t because all I have ever known is in this school and I don’t want to give Renee and Becca the satisfaction of seeing me brake down and give up. The only thing I have to look forward to at school is seeing my boyfriend James who always makes me feel happy. He calls my pretty, tells me that he loves talking to me and that I’m special and sometimes he even gets me to believe him. I have one other friend but he goes to another school, He also tells me that I’m pretty. Why can’t people be nice like him and James? I no I’m a good person and I didn’t do anything that gives my friends to treat me this way so why do they do it? I tried talking to my mom but she gives me this dumb mom answer you no the one that goes “because there jealous of you, and your beauty and kindness”. My life is a mess! But I guess you can say I’m your typical teen, you no the kind of teen I’m talking about: doesn’t think she’s pretty [even though I got all these freaking guys saying they love me because of my eyes and other guys saying that I’m so beautiful how could my ex let me go or just random guys I only talk to for a minute messaging me asking if I have a bf give me a break!!] lacks self confidence doesn’t believe in them self hates their job push over hates their body, thinks their fat, yada yada. Can someone please help me and tell me what to do! Oh and I swear I’m not as egotistical full of myself as I sound here!My life is a mess what do i do!?
Hey Anna, I know what you're going through, this has happened to me all my life and I've been constantly trying to find something to hold on to before I have a mental breakdown. (Well, I actually did, many times) I think your mom may be right, I don't know what you look like but is most likely because of jealousy. I feel like me and you are the exact same person because my mom told me that too! Those people were always mean to me and I never knew why because I'm a good person. My mom would tell me, they jealous because you are naturally good person and you're so pretty! I didn't know what to say, but I started to consider that reason because I've always been told I was beautiful. You probably are too, I mean, your boyfriend, mom and friend say it.

These ';friends'; are not your friends because of the way they treat you. Try to find new ones, I know it's hard but you've got to try. Your true friends will come. Even now people still treat me like that, they use me etc and I just forget about them. They have no right to be like that so I would advise you to forget about them too.

Just so you know, I'm a teen too, I used to lack self confidence but you've got to build youself up, girl! Just like I did! I used to think I wasn't pretty but I know I am now because people continually tell me I am! I bet you are too so yea, basically if I were you I would forget about those ';friends'; and start over. You seem to be a beautiful person on the inside %26amp; outside so that's why those girls are mean to you! It's called jealousy and they are the ones that need to get over it. You don't need them.

Make a fresh start, try to find new friends to hang out with and see if they treat you the way YOU SHOULD be treated.

This is actually SO weird, it's like you're living my life, the way it was. Sorry, I'm babbling here. I just hope I helped you in some way. If you need any more help feel free to email me at

Good luck. :]

Girls what would you think about this..? ?

=) I know you dont know me. but I cant help myself any longer. so here it is..

When I first saw you back in March 2002 in speech class, I was new to the school and something about you that I couldnt explain gave me butterflies all over my stomach.. I remember you saw me staring at you and we locked eyes for a few long seconds. It was then, that I knew that you were special. or atleast I thought you were. I then dropped the class because i was too behind and wasnt going to get the credit either way.

Then the next yr. I had you for P.E. class, I believe it was in 4th period. Around the time when they had just build the new GYM. I remember being all stupid and trying to impress you, while you never noticed..

Then in a party in Las Milpas, I think it was a 15nera in sept. I went up to you, after one of my friends told me to go for it, and face my fears. I was shaking in fear of rejection but still decided to gamble and give it a try, just to be let down. I remember seeing you and thinking to myself (while I tried to make a conversation with you. Which only lasted around 30sec.) ';Men, I really am stinking this'; I felt you were uncomfortable with my presence. and you were waiting for your ride dress in a white shirt.

Then when I asked you for your # (which I shouldve never done, because in my opinion that is a foolish way to go for someone when you dont know them) and you told me you already had a boyfriend.. it didnt brake my heart, because I alreardy knew you were going out with Eddy, But I did feel stupid after it..

so after that I decided, well maybe she just isnt for me.. I gave up my high hopes.. and then later I remember you once telling me (as I was sitting on the floor next to the old gym. inside the doors near where the busses stop) and you telling me '; I saw you at Champs'; I was like WOW. I knew I shouldve started a conversation, but I didnt.

Then one day when I saw you crying outside after school(as my bus was leaving), I felt hurt and wished I could hold you tight and stop your tears.

Now that I think about it, it was funny how i acted those 2 yrs at Valley View. I had no style, starting with my hair, at the time. and my friends werent the best of choices.some of them.. I Understood why, someone as beautiful and nice as you wouldnt pay attention to someone like me.. lol.. oh yeah, I had a crush on you for quite some time, and I believe I still do, because you havent changed a bit.

I just hope, I didnt get you mad about this..Im not asking for anything, I just wanted to let my heart speak, after all thats one of the reasons why I requested you as a friend. Hopefully you dont get mad and hate me.. or even worse think im a stocker, becuase Im not.. I just had a crush on you..and never got over it..

Girls what would you think about this..? ?
Aww, I read this and was like wow; your so sweet and if this chick can't realize it..shes not worth your time.

Good Luck,


Girls what would you think about this..? ?
Sucks for you hahahahahahaha!!!!!
Aw! That's really sweet! She should read this you know!
A) Fix up the typos and poor grammar, and that sounds pretty cool. Honest, self reflective and intelligent.

B) ';Hopefully you dont get mad and hate me.. or even worse think im a stocker, becuase Im not.. I just had a crush on you..and never got over it..'; What's a stocker? Do you mean 'stalker', or is it something else? Like a supermarket shelf stocker?
what's ur question???? if u're asking what we thought of this as a letter to ur girl well, u never told us anything abt the girl...but if she's sweet...i think she'll like it, but what if she still has a boyfriend...i'm not sure what to tell u as i'm not sure what u really want...

What should I do about this situation with my friends?

Ok well.... about 3 days ago I was invited to a pool party with my friends and well I wanted my boyfriend to go and I didnt want to be rude so I asked the guy that invited me (one of my other friends) if it was ok if my boyfriend came with me. And he asked ';is he kool?'; and of course I answered ';yeah he's kool'; so he gave me the OK invite for my boyfriend. So that night I went with my friends to the party but just before my boyfriend was going to meet up with us he asks if ti's kool if his friend comes. Of course I knew his friend already and I didnt think it would be a problem but i asked my friend who invited me if it was still ok. And he said yeah. So both my boyfriend and his friend came. And everything was kool, everyone was having fun.... and yeah there was drinking and then there began to be maybe a lil to much fun. One of the girls that was there started to have a panic attack. At least that what everyone thought. Well She and I were wearing black tank tops and shorts so i guess we dressed similar -__-; but when she was having that panic attack my boyfriend was drukn and instantly got scared and thought it was me. I was actually in the pool when all this was happening. I didnt know that my boyfriend thought it was me, I thought he was trying to save that random stranger. But then his friend and my friend were trying to help the girl and he went balistic and got into a fist fight with his friend and as they faught he was like ';**** OFF MAN THATS MY GIRLFRIEND IM TRYING TO SAVE!'; and my friend shouted back ';YOUR GIRLFRIENDS IN THE ******* POOL!'; as they quit fighting my boyfriend started to cry. I was super embaressed. and when he came to check on me... (he went to me not the girl) he noticed that i was fine. I then told him ';that girl you were trying to save wasnt me.'; He got super pissed cuz no one told him that that person wasnt me, even though my friend practicly announced it. He was so pissed he started yelling at me about how big of an idiot he was and he was ready to get into his car and drive away drunk. I spoke to him in a gentle voice ';baby let me drive you home. Everything will be ok.'; and he snapped even more because i offered to drive him home. One of my guy friends backed me up and wouldnt let me get in the car with him. But eventually I had to drive him home since he was making a big scene. My friends followed us to his house. He was hella mad that they followed us. My best friend came over to my boyfriends truck and told me to get out of the truck cuz she wanted to talk to my boyfriend. So i did and instead of talking they were yealling at eachother and I had heard and saw everything. ';WHY THE HELL ARE YOU BEING THIS WAY??'; she yelled. ';BECAUSE I CAN!'; he snapped ';DONT YOU KNOW YOUR HURTING YOUR GIRLFRIEND?!'; she yelled again ';I DONT GIVE A ****! SHE CAN SUFFER FOR ALL I CARE!'; and after hearing those words from him i felt my whole heart rip into pieces. ';WHAT KIND OF ******* BOYFRIEND ARE YOU?! YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DRUNK! GET THE HELL INSIDE YOUR HOUSE!'; she shouted ';NO! IM GONNA CALL THE COPS IF YOU DONT GET THE HELL OFF MY PROPERTY!'; he growled. ';**** YOU! IM OUT!'; and that was the end of my friend and boyfriend yelling at eachother. We then drove away. and as we were on our way back to my friends house, my other bestfriend had told us that my boyfriend was looking for me. I was so angry, embaressed and hurt. I called him and he answered telling me he was down the street from my friends house. I told him i was going home and to meet me there. I was ready to break up with him. But he was actually calm this time and tried talking to me but then he broke down completley. So of course I couldnt brake it off with him. It hurt me to know that he was in pain about me. I accepted his apology but I still dont feel at ease. Cuz... a couple of days went by and my 2 best friends dont want to talk to me and on of them took me off her top 8. I had apologized for everything already and thanked them for being there for me and thanked them for trying to keep my boyfriend in line. But non of thats enough. I already know that Im at fault only because i invited my boyfriend even if i did ask if he could come. But I dont know what else I can do. I feel like it may be over between my 2 bestfriends. I know what they also want from me. I know they want me to break up with my boyfriend. But dont I have the right to make my own decision if I want to? I dont want to not be friends with my 2 bestfriends anymore. So what should I do?What should I do about this situation with my friends?
That was really long :P But I see your problem, and I would be completely devastated! So, I'm going to lay this out, so that I can actually help :P

1) Your friends are mad at you because they were trying to stick up for you and then you just forgave your boyfriend. So they felt like they just wasted talking to him for you.

2) They are also mad because you were the one who invited him.

3) Your boyfriend has anger issues but really doesn't want to leave you because he really does love you.

So basically, the fight isn't about you. It's about your boyfriend and your bffs. And how they have tension between them.

You can try this:

1) If you have already talked to your bffs about it, they should be understanding your problem. Tell them that your boyfriend was crying over the phone because he wanted you so much and he knew that he had made a mistake.

2) Tell your friends that the only reason he was spazzing and going insane was because he was drunk.

People do a lot of things when they're drunk. They say things they don't mean. Overall, your boyfriend did have good intentions. He did, try to save that girl because he thought it was you. If he told your friend that he wanted you to suffer, it was only because he was crazy drunk and it was a spur in the moment and he wasn't thinking straight. It was probably all in a blur. So you can't think that he doesn't care about you because he wouldn't have tried to save that girl and he wouldn't have cried over you.

Try to say that to your friends.

You can't think that this is your fault. It isn't. If your friend had said no to inviting your boyfriend, then things would've been different...

So really, it's your friend's fault.

At parties, people always bring other people with them. They aren't their responsiblity. Just know that it isn't your fault. Don't worry about it.

Your only problem now, is that your bffs are mad at you.

We're only human. They will in time, forget it and won't hold it against you. Escpecially if you guys were really close. They will realise what they're missing. Try and explain this to your friends. Over e-mail if you have too. But try to talk to them in person first, so that you get first hand :)

I really hope everything works out well. And works out for the better!

Good Luck and I hope I helped :)What should I do about this situation with my friends?

anyway thx for the two points
I think you need to stop asking questions. Forever.
Hellz no im not reading that

WOOT! 2pts!
thats too long hun

WOOT 2pts
you know wat girly..text me.. send me your email.. ill give you my number.. i can talk to you there.. this is something... i have to help you out with.. and i mean really talk.. so just be ready for wat i have to say.. K? =] ive been thru this already..
boyfriend is wrong.

he shouldnt have gotten smashed at someone elses party that he wasnt even invited too first of all.

second of all he treated you like **** and your friends are lookin out for you he also cried like a baby.

dang, well it just sounds like people drank to much and over reacted, your best friends might not like him but theree your friends, tell therm he means alot to you but you still want them to eb there for you, also has your boyfriend done stuff like this before,

id have your bf say sorry to them ansd that he was really drunk
I think that you need to start using paragraphs,your b/f needs to stop drinking and your friends need to stop over reacting over nothing. Hope that helped.
I read all of that.. so do me a favor and answer mine..;鈥?/a>


1) If they are ';your'; best friends, TALK to them, and tell them you realize your boyfriend was acting like a tard, just ask them to forgive you, and just to either let them cool it off. Or tell them you really care about him, and if they cared about you, they'd stick it through and through with you.

2) Tell your boyfriend that you're upset, and you're on the verge of breaking up with him on the account of him being such a tard. Then tell him he has two options, he can either apologize to your best friends, ask for forgivness or its over.

In this situation you like both, but you can't have both unless compromises occur... Sure he was wasted, but its a pool parrty...
long story.... ur frends will always be there dont let a guy mess that up unfortunatlly as you can see that when ur boyfrend gets drunk he seems that he gets mentaly abussive (yelling at u). take my advice and make up with u frends theres other fish in the sea.

This isn't a question just an oppertunity to vent. WARNING: THIS IS LONG!?

I don't really need opinions on this, I just needed a place to vent. Feel free to vent your emotions too in the answers.

I just feel completely heart broken, but I am kind of happy everything is going to go back to normal again and I'm going back to where I started and where I felt secure. I got myself in this stupid situation where I was completely in love with my boyfriend, no question about it, but I started to get scared because it was looking more and more likely that I was going to be with that person for the rest of my life. I thought that I didn't have a problem about committing to one person but I obviously did. I started to fall for someone else as well. I know I'm going to get plagued by comments saying that I can't have loved my boyfriend because you can't fall in love with two people, but how do you know that unless you have been there? I have proved that to myself that you can and it hurts.

I kissed the other guy a few times and he said he really wanted to be with me. Its so annoying because this other guy was perfect for me from what I could see, he was kind, lovable, good looking and intelligent. This went on for a couple of weeks until we started to really care for each other and develop real feelings for each other. I hated that when we went out we couldn't hold hands, couldn't kiss and it hurt us both. Tonight we were chatting and he said that he can't keep killing himself skulling around and hiding everything because it hurts. It hurt me to, knowing that I was betraying one person who really didn't deserve it and hurting another person by leaving them hanging. So tonight he gave me a choice that I had to make because he couldn't keep holding on to something that is so uncertain, I could either be with him or stay with my boyfriend. I was thinking I could either stay with someone I'm secure with and am certain that I love or try someone new and take my life in a new direction. Change is one of the scariest things in the world but its also one of the best opertunities you will get in your life. Change evolves your life. I feel like in a way I would have liked to have gone with it and seen what my life would turn into, but on the other hand I was safe where I originally was and where I was, was a good place to be. I was happy and looking forward to a future that was roughly planned out, with someone I trust, who is good to me and I know they aren't just going to walk out the next day and leave me.

It really was a decision that was hard to make, do I stick to what I know is safe or do I go with change and let grow into something that is either going to end up in heart brake or be the best decision I ever made?

In the end I chose to stay where I was in my current relationship. I have put too much of my heart and soul into my relationship for 3 years to just throw it away for something I can't be sure will work. I am happy with where I am so why destroy that? I love my boyfriend and I know for certain that he loves me. I know he can give me a good life, and I know he will make me happy. There is absolutely no reason why I would leave him, he doesn't deserve to be pushed aside just because I can't figure out where I want to be. I told the other guy that he should probably find someone else who could give him their full love who isn't in a stupid situation where she will have to hide away and hurt him, he鈥檚 a good man and he deserves better than what I could give him in my situation. Even if I did leave my boyfriend, I couldn't give him everything because my heart would still belong with my boyfriend. I just hope he鈥檚 not to shattered about all this, I have let him down the best way I could, I shouldn鈥檛 have let him in the first place but as I did there is no point in regretting it now. The damage is done now, and I will just grow from my selfish mistakes and let it make me a better person.

Now I have vented how I feel, its your turn. If you have something on your mind just let it out here. It doesn't matter where you go with it, just talk away.This isn't a question just an oppertunity to vent. WARNING: THIS IS LONG!?
I met a guy and did everything I knew to do. Talked, refrained from physical contact, got to know each other. Yet, we still didn't know each other. So many issues arose and so much anger and confusion built between us. 2 and a half years later, I'm as confused as I was back then, yet now I'm madly in love and hopelessly devoted..not to him but to US - that's how bad it's gotten. Bittersweet.
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  • Please Answer This, ANYONE!!?

    Please Only Guy's Answer?

    You guys have a mind of your own that we girls don't understand.

    My boyfriend and I have been going off and on for the past few years and each time he brakes my heart over and over again. I got back with him again. He told me that he loves me and does not want anyone else and that he was sorry for all the times he hurt me, He also tells all of his friends about how much he loves me and feels bad for everything he has done. My boyfriend is also giving up the most important thing for me ';WEED';.Since we got back together he has lost his virginity to me and always tells me how pretty I am. He plans are future together in a cute way too.. Do you think he truly wants me this time and that everything he is telling me is true or is he playing me and going to brake my heart again?

    ( and also he gives up his very best friend for me and puts me first this time)Please Answer This, ANYONE!!?
    If he was willing to give up all that just for you then he may be worth it.

    But ultimately you have to ask yourself that question. Does he really seem sincere this time around?

    You're the one who hangs out with him. Not us here. So it's only right to assume that you are the one who's going to notice if he really means it.

    Him giving up weed, losing his virginity to you, and putting you before his best friend... those are huge things. I'm even surprised he plans your future together. It's usually the guys who are hesitant to form commitments. I'm saying these are huge pluses on his side.

    Then again, if he used to break your heart before over and over again, what's different now that would make him change? Is there anything significantly different that happened that made him decide to be with you forever? Because this may also be circumstantial. It may all be just because of something or someone. And what if that something disappears? Will he grow tired and break your heart again? You need to try and see why he changed.

    In the end, you have to evaluate whatever you two have.

    Maybe he doesn't really mean it and you're like a person he like to have around to make him happy once in a while.

    Maybe he loves you enough to be with you, but not enough to not hurt you.

    Maybe he woke up one day and found that he really does love you. But how long will this epiphany last?

    And there's also the maybe where he really does love you now and you're just scared that he will go hurt you again. It's okay to be scared. You have every reason to be. You can't blame yourself if you are. He gave you reason to be hesitant and I think he has to earn your complete trust back.

    My final advice to you is this:

    If I were you, I'd go with him w/ some circumstances. First, he has to know that you are a little hesitant to be together (and explain why). This way he knows and has to fully realize that he has to change completely for the good of both of you. Like I said, he's doing well there so far. Second, you have to tell him (and you have to promise yourself this) that IF he ever hurts you again, it's over for good. No more getting back together, no more second chances, because this just means he never meant any of this. Why should it be any different if he promises to change next time if he didn't now? Believe me, it's for the best. It's for you as well... You can't keep putting yourself in a volatile relationship. It's masochistic even. But then, after all this, the choice really is up to you. If you still love him that much, then I can't stop you from going back.

    I just do hope whatever you choose, you're happy.Please Answer This, ANYONE!!?
    I dont know him so i cant exactly judge, but if he sounds as sincere as ur saying it, i think hes a good pick for u... U just gotta make sure he doesnt hurt u again and if u really matter to him, u tell him that hes hurting u and he'll stop... otherwise, hes gone for good